We are era learning  Skills academy that believe Skilling is all about Engagement and enthusiasm of participants; Retention of learning and Application of learning and is the Key to human capital progression.

Hi! We are Ashok Kumar Vashisht and Aparna Vashisht Agarwal two individuals with a passion for enabling human capital progression through skilling and upskilling and providing opportunities for growth of human capital.  We truly believe that every individual has the potential to learn, one has to only understand one’s area of interest, develop a passion to achieve the same and get the right inputs. We embarked on this idea and identified that One important area of skill development was to learn a language other than mother tongue which can enable an individual to develop a network of people who matter for the progress of their career and we found that English was one language which is vastly spoken not only in India but worldwide . In India being proficient in spoken English helps the individuals to successfully appear for job interviews, helps in gaining promotions, helps in networking for business growth and helps in widening one’s social network .

We zeroed on the idea that skilling people in Spoken English will go a long way in the progression of human capital so we chose to launch Effective Spoken English classes , the course content was designed by highly qualified experts after lot of research work so that individuals with zero level of proficiency and higher can be addressed differently. Our trainers are highly qualified to deliver quality training through effective pedagogy and guarantee of transformation in the scheduled course duration with money back guarantee if transformation does not happen .

We then also identified other important generic areas required to be developed in individuals and we found that – 1) Personality development 2) Interview Skills were other areas so we added these to our skilling products.

Aligning ourselves with Skill India Mission we involved ourselves in vocational skills for unemployed , underprivileged youth of India , reach out to them, skill them and assist them in getting jobs.

Success is not a destination, it is a continuous journey and as we move ahead we commit ourselves to  continuous innovation as per our customer requirement to deliver the best quality and ensure execution excellence.

Our Specific programmes are:

Some of our corporate clients expressed requirement of our intervention in training their existing employees to address their functional and behavioral skills in line with the required competencies for the respective job roles. We therefore associated ourselves with one of the best in the industry to provide this service “ Confluence Learning” and the website link of the company is ………

There are certain projects for the underprivileged wherein the beneficiary is not required to invest any money and at times is also paid support allowances to complete the training so we align such services  with our NGO to address these requirements- “Agradeep Foundation”

Core Purpose of ERA Learning

  1. The purpose of ERA Learning is to  provide services in the area of skill building, learning and development and employability solutions contributing to the progression of human capital anywhere and everywhere.
  2. The purpose of ERA Learning is to be the preferred choice of customers requiring skill building, learning and development and employability solutions to unemployed contributing towards progression of human capital anywhere and everywhere.


To be the leading knowledge and skills provider  institution with an entrepreneurial ethos that promotes capability enhancement and provides  opportunity , which is relevant to the needs and aspirations of human capital to progress in life.


Our Mission is to foster the success of our students and their communities through innovative, flexible learning opportunities for people of all ages, backgrounds, and aspirations resulting in self-fulfillment and competitiveness in an increasingly global society leading to their progression in life.


Accountability –We ensure our decisions are data-informed and grounded in the best interest of our students and their communities.

Integrity – We value civic responsibility, high academic standards, ethical practices, and the courage to act.

Lifelong Learning – We believe knowledge and skills  is a lifelong necessity and commitment; we personify this belief by engaging and re engaging students from all generations in learning opportunities.

Respect – We value differences and treat others with civility, encouraging open and honest communication.

Responsiveness – We recognize and act upon opportunities to be innovative, flexible, and adaptable to our students’ and communities’ needs.

Student Success – We are dedicated to student success and achievement; we strive to meet the knowledge and skill needs of our students and their communities.