Sales Effectiveness Programs

1. Selling Skills

After attending the program the participants will be equipped with better selling skills. They will understand what makes people/customers buy and will be able to follow a structured selling process starting from opening a call to closing a call. Be aware of body language and its impact. Will learn different types of objections and how to handle them. The importance of after sales service. The program will be customised so that the participants are made aware of the Feature, Advantages and Benefits of their product range and how the same can be used to make a productive call. Techniques to achieve higher sales. Importance of after sales service.  How to analyse and monitor one’s own performance and make an action plan to improve upon the same.

2. Advance selling skills:

During a highly interactive workshop participants will be able to gain a deeper understanding of different types of  customers  and how to manage them. Learn the art of asking questions and effective communication leading to a productive sales call. Assess , anticipate and identify ways of tapping potential markets / customers. Align themselves to organizational goals and make plans to achieve them. Develop a positive attitude towards targets given.


3. Managing Channel Partners:

Through this program the trainees will be able to understand their roles and responsibilities and identify a proactive way to overcome barriers. Will be able to evaluate performance of channel partners and identify ways of managing the channel partners at various life cycle stages. Assess ways of motivating channel partners. Evaluate ones conflict resolution, influencing and coaching style to manage channel partners and attain excellent performance. The program will, however, be customised as per the need gap identified.

4. Profitability of Channel partners

5. Tapping the Rural potential

6.  Key Account management

7. Merchandising & Promotions management – Bang for the buck

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