About Us

It is true of any and every organisation that the frontline impacts the bottom-line and the performance of the frontline of your organisation depends on building their competencies effectively and also the competencies of those who manage them. We are there to provide not only customised training programs to employees of various corporate facilitated by expert faculties to address the competencies required for sales and service functions; but we also provide vocational training programs to unemployed youth and help them getting relevant jobs.

Corporate training

ERA Learning  studies  the competency gap and design the program with right solutions. The methodology adapted is: AWTM

1. Ascertain competency gap: Gap validation study is done of the requisite competency utilising effective study tools

2. Work out solutions:  Detailed program structure is developed in line with blooms taxonomy to address the competency gaps ascertained.

3. Transfer learning’s: Pedagogy adapted to deliver the program is interactive with simulated examples to ensure that trainees are enthusiastic and engaged  throughout  the program, able to retain the learning’s and above all able to apply the learning’s at work place.

4. Measure effectiveness: Post the delivery of the program a thorough evaluation is done as per the Kirkpatrick model and a follow up action plan is shared with the concerned Organisation

Vocational Training Programs

There is a huge requirement of skilled manpower in several industries

era: learning , a training company with expertise in Retail & FMCG sales  conducts short / modular program in retail & FMCG sales  to enhance the employability of the youth with minimal education (class XIIth pass  and above) who are unemployed and interested in taking up jobs in the high growth retail sector and FMCG sales. The focus is on skill –level 1 (frontline) as 50 to 53 % of human resource requirement is expected to arise from this segment.