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Welcome to ERA Learning Labs

Our expertise is in the following listed domains. Contact us for all your corporate & individual training needs!

Personal Effectiveness

It is important to improve the work effectiveness and productivity of professionals, so as to enable them to achieve greater control of their daily activities and overcome stress. Time management is also an important skill to help achieve more effective results in less time.

Leadership and Management

In today’s competitive market, the demand for organizational excellence is higher than ever before. The skills and strength of leaders has never been so important in determining the growth and success of an organization.

Customer Relationship Management

Putting the customer first is a key strategy for building the businesses, in times where products and services are similar in highly competitive markets. Thus, managing relationships with customers has become a critical organizational competency.

Sales Effectiveness

It is essential to equip the professionals with better selling skills. Professionals with a better understanding of how people and customers buy, are bound to sell better. It is also important to follow a structured selling process starting from opening a call to closing a call.